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Re- turn / fund ​


  • If the shipped items dose not match with you ordered,  can be returned or exchanged within 7   days of receipt. (It is not possible to exchange items with other products.)

  • After opening the package can not be returned or exchanged.

  • There are some restrictions when returning from overseas.

  • Return by simple remorse or order mistakes it will  be charged Return shipping cost.

  • Refunds are not allowed when the product is destroyed by customs clearance in the destination   country.

  • A cancellation fee may be incurred when requesting a refund due to other consumer negligence/order mistake.

​브라벡토 직구, 레볼루션 직구, 애드보킷 직구, 하트가드 직구, 넥스가드스펙트라 직구

Stay healthy and happy for a long time with me

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